Our Process

From Concept Sketch to Client Success

At Composite Resources we are focused on one thing: achieving success for you.

We are uniquely positioned to provide clients with streamlined services to take your project from sketch to success. Our value proposition is our size: on the one hand, we are nimble enough to provide rapid prototype development cycles, while on the other hand, we have the capability to transition from short-run prototypes into high-rate serial production programs.

By having the ability to complete every step of the process in-house, we can ensure your requirements for quality, budget, and timeline are achieved.

Here is how Composite Resources goes from Concept Sketch to Client Success:


The process starts with an in-person meeting or conference call to define the scope of work. The start point for a project can vary. For many of our aerospace clients, a project might begin with a fully defined CAD model and material requirements, while other clients may only have a basic sketch from which to start. Either way, we have the capabilities to get your project across the finish line.


Early in the process our estimate team determines a path of execution and rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing for each phase of the project.


Once a project receives the green light, a dedicated team of engineers, business services, quality, and production leaders are assigned. This group of personnel remains with the project for its complete life cycle. Their responsibility is to ensure your project remains on schedule and on budget while providing you with responsive and accurate communication.


Depending on the scope of the project, one or multiple rounds of prototype development are completed up until a first article inspection (FAI) part has been approved.


Given that Composite Resources’ vast range of capabilities, tooling design, and production are completed in house, the number of suppliers our client need to deal with is reduced, allowing Composite Resources greater visibility over your project’s budget, quality, and timeline.


Once production tooling has been completed, a component can go into serial production. Depending on the component design requirements and volume, Composite Resources has several production methods at its disposal including pre-preg autoclave processing, compression molding, vacuum infusion and filament winding.


Composite Resources offers a variety of finishing methods including painting and coating. Depending on the program, Composite Resources can also provide assembly services.


Parts receive in-process inspection throughout the manufacturing process; however, all parts receive a final inspection in accordance with a client-approved inspection plan. Our quality team operates in accordance with ISO9001, 2015 and AS9100 revD standards.