Once a project receives the green light, a dedicated team of engineers, business services, quality, and production leaders are assigned. This group of personnel remains with the project for its complete life cycle. Their responsibility is to ensure projects remain on schedule and on budget while providing responsive and accurate communication to the client.


Our professionally trained engineers provide Composite Resources with the capability to execute projects in a design-build function, where we take responsibility for all design, material, and process specifications. Alternatively, we can operate in a build-to-print function where the client provides completed CAD and material specifications, and our engineers develop the manufacturing approach. Our engineers typically use SolidWorks; however, we have the capabilities to work with files from any major CAD system.


Unlike many of our competitors, Composite Resources can supply in-house tooling design and production. These services can be provided in support of a production program or as a stand-alone service. Depending on the production process, geometry of the part, and number of units required, Composite Resources boasts/possesses a variety of tooling methodologies to suit a variety of budgets and program needs. For short-run prototypes, we typically supply epoxy tooling board molds, which are low-cost with quick turnaround, whereas metal tooling is the preferred solution for high-rate aerospace production programs.


  • Pre-Preg materials with Autoclave or Out of Autoclave curing
  • Vacuum Infusion
  • Filament Winding
  • Roll Wrapped Tubing


Through years of experience, we have developed extensive knowledge around the high precision machining of composites. While we have historically utilized these skills for in-house needs, we are now offering machining services to our clients.


In the interest of being able to supply a complete solution to our clients, we offer a variety of coating solutions. Once out of production, our talented coating specialists are skillfully adept at painting parts to the latest aerospace specifications. For mold making, we implement a variety of gel coatings and release products to ensure high precision surface finishes. Additionally, we can provide industrial coatings such as Line-X or powder coat. By offering a variety of coating solutions, this reduces the number of suppliers our client needs to employ, and in turn, lead time, meaning we are able deliver expediency to our customers.


Our quality department operates under the guidelines of ISO-9001:2015 and AS9100 revD. For more information see Quality and Compliance.